About Us

Bfas237 Blog   is a cameroon based blog about News and Tutorials, and many more about Ticks. Our blog covers all of our most important activities which goes as far as latest Codes release and lots more.

The foundation of this blog

This blog as you all see it is a blog that covers all Bfaschat Inc‘s global projects which covers all domains from startups to giant enterprises. At Bfaschat, we believe in genuine talents from all aspect of life irrespective of who and what you do. We have it as a goal to promote all talents and help all those who are still to discover their hidden talents to show up. That is why we have a giant come together Whatsapp and Telegram group where we discuss, analyse, criticise, share, learn and earn together and with one another.

What this Bfas237 Blog Offers

This blog as already outlined has lots and lots of hidden goodies in its bag for you all. If you are that type that has it a habit to always search the entire web for ultra tricks, codes, tutorials, hacks, cracks, and top fast vpn options then don’t go anywhere for we got you covered. That is the little we can promise for now but we promise to do more.


We are a global and non-profit promoter. If you find our work genuine enough and wan to be our partner either finantially or otherwise then please leave us a message and we will gladly get back to you.


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