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After a very long absence, the Yello Night has just made its appearance at MTN Cameroon. Indeed, the operator offers since a few weeks already, the regulars night calls, to reconnect with their old habits and less accustomed, to make it a new habit, thanks to its offer of free calls at night, MTN Yello Night.

MTN Yello Night is the call offer that allows MTN subscribers to call free to all MTN numbers, every night from 22h to 05h59. The subscription to the offer is at *218# and costs range from 249F to 999F. The service is not really free unlike for example free calls bonus offered for the subscription of a package MTNWanda. But the calls are good and free from 10PM, once the service has been activated, no matter what time of day the subscription to the offer was made.

yello pices

yello pices

Eventhough the service is as great as it may seem, it still has some drawbacks which we will be highlighting below in quick and modded way as not to draw so many irrelevant conclusions.

The calls are limited

The main drawback of this new season of MTN Yello Night is the fact that calls are systematically interrupted after 20 minutes and 14 seconds of conversation and that we have to remind the recipient to continue the conversation. These interruptions happen every time like a hair in the soup and we get used to it with difficulty.

At each call, we lose a bit of enthusiasm and sometimes it’s hard to remember what we said when the call was cut. A tip well found by the operator to remove the urge to pressurize us on the phone. So it’s not with this offer that we will beat our old records of the longest phone calls of the golden era …

When Y’ello Night was the only option and the penetration rate of the mobile was low enough to allow us to stay 5 hours on the phone without the call being interrupted due to saturated network.

Fortunately today, there are many other alternatives for long phone calls at very low prices at any time of the day (offers for MTN Yamo, Bonus calls, WhatsApp and other VOIP applications, etc.).

Not really encouraging in time base

Looking at the time the free call is supposed to begin its not very encouraging and benefiting since many of the people you try to call at that time may have fallen asleep and that will be a real and actual waste of time considering the fact that its late.

Saturated network = No calls going through

When the service is set to a particular time, it will always lead to saturation and the huge traffic will cause most of your calls not to go through which is not a good high way to take for those who are

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