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when reading this tutorial what comes to your mind? oh! yes you are on the only blog that offers all premium tutorials and tricks all around the globe for free and of course they are all 99% working just that some people do have this ill tendencies of not or never succeeding whenever it comes to tricks especially this one which focuses on how to Increase Your Internet Speed Using Ultra Speed Booster pack. 

That shouldn’t be your initial worry for that is the primary reason why we set up this blog to assist all those who were in persecuting need of our help and guess what the good news here is that we have come to stay and that is for good for this time around we have a backup in case things do go wrong.

What is Ultra Speed Booster pack

In simple English as regards the name, this is a unique and awesome combination of tools and gadgets like SIMPLE SERVER IN PYTHON BY InunxLABS and Ultrasurf  which assist in the compression and speeding up of data by 10x using advanced algorithms like the one Puffin servers uses.

Looking at that name may not mean anything really or should i say if you try to google search on it what you will get as result will not yield any good result. In this tutorial, we are going to be looking at what and how your speed can be boosted and lightened by 10x using our modified Ultra Speed Booster pack.

Getting Started with Ultra Speed Booster pack

Every step you take from here will greatly influence of getting it to connect and work with you. Below is a short video tutorial through which we can show you how to get started and connect it to start using it like we do.

If you still feel that you want to continue with the tutorial then you are free to do so. Lets take you deeply on this and trust me you won’t regret the fact that you did visit our blog

Requirements Needed to use Ultra Speed Booster pack

  • A good pc with at least 2gb of ram and 20mb of disk space 
  • A 4G/3G modem be it cracked, or not but it should be able to read orange or camtel network
  • An internet connection which can be gotten by activating the required whatsapp bundle
  • An android phone as an alternative for those who don’t have modem well you can use PDAnet to tether your phone connection to your pc.
  • Enough time and patience because without it you won’t be good to go and enjoy this one like we do.

With some or all of the above requirements been met, its time we take you deeper into the tutorial so that at the end you will enjoy to the max leve and have no more worries like you use to do when you were using local or previous methods to go online.

Combine Mobile Data and WiFi Network to boost connection Speed

1. Download and extract the package

This step above all is the most important as with it you get to play around with the files needed and make your way out and oh! don’t forget to download 7zip or winrar to unarchive the file for its needed. Get the required files bellow

Configure your mobile phone for Orange internet

2. Launch Fast.exe and Ultrasuf

Once downloaded you will have to extract but due to piracy we decided to password protect it and it can be gotten via two ways either by signin to your account or by requesting for the password in our telegram group

Once you extract it you will find this as show in the image below

Increase Your Internet Speed Using Ultra Speed Booster pack 1

Here you can choose to use the altenative or use the pack itself for whatever you choose will still work fine.

Increase Your Internet Speed Using Ultra Speed Booster pack 2

Once you have made your choice you can then start by launching the fast.exe then followed by the ultrasurf and after some few seconds it should connect like ABC.

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As seen above the tutorial itself was not that buggy but if you are someone who wouldn’t wan’t to read much then you can checkout the video tutorial on this post and try to figure out the tricks and ways to get connected faster than ever.

If you have other views, comments, suggestions to improve the post then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. have a wonderful evening.