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Blue By Camtel: un point c’est blue

Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel), has launched its new commercial label to carry its new aspirations. It is an umbrella brand that positions itself directly in relation to local competition, in all that it will offer to the end customer: mobile, landline, and transport.
Blue By Camtel
Blue By Camtel

Blue By Camtel is a telco start-up, powered by CAMTEL. Our vision is to launch the most digital, smart, and simple brand in the telco industry, for your needs at home, at the office, and in mobility.

Like France Telecom for Orange, and Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel), have just set up a new commercial label, called blue, to carry all of its commercial services, even mobile, fixed, or transport-related. 

Camtel’s Plans

Cameroon Telecommunications has thus created a new commercial vehicle to carry its new aspirations, aspirations that the Camtel brand can no longer carry. 

This is an umbrella brand that positions itself directly in relation to local competition. Camtel’s new strategy extends from 2021 to 2025 with the key to moving thanks to blue from access provider to content provider.

Blue By Camtel: un point c'est blue

What is Blue By Camtel?

Blue is the brand of Camtel’s mobile network and the chips intended for its use are exclusively reserved for mobile phones compatible with 3G/4G technologies.

They should under no circumstances be used on modems and other internet keys including Camtel.

Camtel’s Blue services have received some enthusiasm since their unveiling, and we want to reassure the public that we are constantly working to satisfy our customers who have suffered a few technical difficulties.

These offers will change the way telecommunications services in Cameroon, and we’re honored to be leading this unprecedented revolution.

Concrete solutions to known inconveniences will be found shortly, and we encourage the client to raise whenever possible the difficulties encountered in using these services. We will grow with you.

We thank you for your annoyance and kind understanding.

Blue By Camtel: un point c'est blue

Blue By Camtel’s Bundles and Offers

Blue comes packaged with lots of goodies you can only benefit from when you are a member of the blue family.

1) Blue Home Bundles

Be it for your home or your office, try Blue Home: High-speed, unlimited downloads, no installation required. Blue Home is available in very CAMTEL and Blue Shop at Yaounde and Douala.

  1. Size S: Once the quota of 35 Gb runs out, the maximum Internet speed drops to 1 Mbps.
  2. Size M: Once the quota of 75 Gb runs out, the maximum Internet speed drops to 1 Mbps.
  3. Size L: Once the quota of 150 Gb runs out, the maximum Internet speed drops to 1 Mbps.
Buy a WiFi modem now at F CFA 60 000, and get Blue Home L for free!

2) Blue Mobile Bundles

When your 4G data volume runs out, you continue to have unlimited access to your preferred apps, at reduced 3G speed, until your plan expires.

2) Blue Team All-In-One

  • Unlimited calls and SMS within your mobile fleet
  • Free minutes and SMS to all networks
  • 3G/4G internet data volume
Blue By Camtel: un point c'est blue
10% of the SMS pack goes to other networks than Blue. I.e: Blue Team S gives you 200 SMS (180 SMS to Blue, 20 SMS to other networks)

10% of the minute pack goes to other networks than Blue. I.e: Blue Team S gives you 200 minutes (180 mins to Blue, 20 mins to other networks)

Camtel’s Vision

It’s a revolution in the way Camtel wants to be and serve its customers, whether internal or external customers. 

So our vision is to put the customer back at the center of our concerns, to change our attitudes, to change the way we serve the customer. It is a product available throughout the national territory in all our agencies. 

Whether you are outside the country or in the major cities of our republic, you have the possibility of having Blue brand products in all our sales agencies

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Un point c’est blue

To carry the blue label, Camtel services must comply with inalienable standards, through the implementation of cost accounting per unit, also through the distribution of commercial products per unit, and the implementation of functional processes between autonomous units…

Blue By Camtel: un point c'est blue


It will be a question of simplifying and decentralizing decision-making, “increasing the speed of action, improving operational efficiency, and improving overall performance”, details Camtel’s services. 

According to the CEO of the telephone company, “blue is the daughter of Camtel, which will allow us to market our new products, whether in the field of fixed lines or transport. But of course Camtel remains the institutional name”.

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