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MTN Hémlè: Your data is accumulated when your bundle expires

With MTN Hémlè, you can now recover an expired data bundle within 24 hours of its expiration without typing any particular code.
MTN Hémlè
MTN Hémlè

MTN Hémlè revives your accumulated/unused data when your bundle expires. This new offer has been around for quite some days now and it’s absolutely advantageous for those who sometimes forget to exhaust their remaining data bundles.

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MTN Hémlè Introduction

We’ve long put up with the fact that unused data bundles aren’t wasted. With a massive call for a solution, MTN Cameroon gave birth to what is known as MTN Hémlè.

MTN Hémlè Introduction
MTN Hémlè Introduction

What is MTN Hémlè?

MTN Hemle is the new offer of MTN that allows you to recover your data after your package has expired.

To celebrate the character of the indomitable network’s subscribers, we have come up with an offer that really helps you in your daily life, to continue your march towards progress.

How does MTN Hémlè work? 

With MTN Hémlè, you can now recover expired internet volumes within 24 hours after the bundle expired without typing any particular code.

Requirements to enjoy MTN Hémlè

  • A registered prepaid MTN Sim card with Mobile Money access (*126#)
  • At least 200Frs Momo balance
  • A Good phone to dial some USSD codes (Android, iPhone, tchoronko)
  • Patience and Prayers
Carefully follow the steps below and enjoy the full advantage of the MTN Hémlè Offer.

Take your time and apply what is suggested below. Enjoy!!!

This bundle comes in handy for those who forget to either finish their data bundles before their expiry date or have no chance of using it at all. if you are among, this is for you.

How does MTN Hémlè work?
How does MTN Hémlè work?
By default, you’re entitled to 3 Night Surf activations per day. It is therefore recommended to activate the Night Surf via MTN MoMo (*126#).

If you were gifted the night surf or you activated it via *157#, the data won’t be recovered. This trick ONLY applies to Night Surf multiplication
  1. Activate the MTN Night Surf (200frs=2GB) as many times as you can via MTN Momo (*126#).
    • Meaning if you activate 200frs*10 you will get 10GB.
    • Meaning if you activate 200frs*100 you will get 100GB.
  2. Don’t use the data you’ve just activated, sleep comfortably, and wait for 6AM when it’s due for expiry.
  3. MTN should send you a message similar to the one below before you can proceed to the next step.
    MTN Hémlè
  4. Dial *123*1*2# to activate any WandaNet bundle with a minimum validity of 1 month.
  5. Let the magic begin.
When your data bundle expires with unused data, buy a new data bundle equal to or higher than the value of the previous bundle.

If the reactivation is performed within 24 hours after its expiration, the previously accumulated/unused data bundle will be added/merged into the current data plan you just subscribed to.

How do you check MTN Hémlè bundle balance?

To check which bundles have been recovered and those which have not, simply dial the codes *157*99# or *123*10*99#.

What if MTN Hémlè doesn’t work?

Contact our customer service immediately and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

How long will it last?

According to MTN Cameroon, MTN Hémlè is here to stay and possibly Forever. Let’s cross our fingers and watch what happens afterward. We all know that nothing lasts forever especially not in this country.

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