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NeXttel ohHa: Get 1.2 GB and free calls at only 500frs (30 days)

Nexttel Cameroon has launched a cheap 1.12GB data plan which costs 500frs only- Nexttel Ohha. It comes with free unlimited Netxtel Calls valid 30 days
Nexttel OhHa
Nexttel OhHa

With NeXttel ohHa by Nexttel Cameroon, Get 1.2 GB of data and free calls at only 500frs (30 days). NeXttel ohHa is for all those who seek unbeatable call rates via Nexttel numbers and cheaper call rates to other networks.

This data plan is accessible to all its subscribers. This comes at a time when the hardship and affordability of data bundles are particularly crucial. 

This super cheap offer by Nexttel Cameroon comes with free unlimited Netxtel Calls valid for 30 days.

Characteristics of the Nexttel Cameroon OhHa Data Plan

  • The key aspect here is the validity of this Nexttel bundle. This amazing new plan termed Nexttel OhHa has been around since 2019 but disappeared after some time due to some technical issues. The relaunch of this cool and cheap Nexttel Offer should bring some joy to Nexttel fans.
  • Another great add-on to the bundle is free Nexttel Calls within its network. These calls are unlimited and valid 24/7. 

However, it will not last for 30 days. This promo is valid for 72 hours or 3 days after you activate the Nexttel OhHa offer. This is still brilliant, given that no ISp offers this type of bundle additionally to a data bundle at the moment.

How to subscribe to Nexttel OhHa 1.2GB Data Plan

  • To subscribe to the neXttel ohHa 500 bundle which offers you 1.2 GB of internet valid for 30 days and free calls to your neXttel contacts for 72 hours, dial *860*3# and select option 3. It costs 500frs.

You can use the code *860*1# to check your ohHa data balance.

Other ohHa bundles include:

  • ohHa 100F = Calls to neXttel valid 24 hours + 200 MB valid 30 days. It costs 100frs, dial *860*3# and select option 1.
  • ohHa 200F = Calls to neXttel valid 36 hours + 300 MB valid 30 days. It costs 200frs, dial *860*3# and select option 2.

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