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Yoomee at its peak is really doing good as concerns marketting and offers for all its customers and we can all testify to that since they have really proven to us that they are just the best in what they do. Many Cameroonians use Yoomee network but don’t really know How to configure APN for Yoomee Network.

In this guide, you won’t only discover How to configure APN for Yoomee Network. but you will also discover the following:

  • Which device supports Yoomee network
  • How to effectively configure yoomee internet settings
  • What to avoid when configuring Yoomee APN

The journey of Yoomee to Cameroon

In 2011 YooMee Africa launched its services in Cameroon. We quickly became the market leader in broadband services and are amongst the most trusted brands in the country.

We have multiple sales and marketing channels including our distribution partners PMUC and the two largest gas stations. We have over 700 POS with electronic payment devices and a series of cashless sales systems.

How Yoomee APN looks like

When configuring APN for any network especially APN for Yoomee network, we have to take some technical details into consideration for thats the mistake some people usually make living them with no way out.

  • Yoomee network deals ONLY and categorically with 4G compactible devices like modems, Mifi, Internet Keys, Wifi Boxes (Both cracked and vice versa). Any other thing apart from this won’t work
  • Yoomee unlike other networks been MTNCameroon and Orange Cameroon have different method of setting up the apn which you will of course discover below
  • Details like proxy, port, proxy server, auth Type, are useless when it comes to yoomee
  • The essentials are only APN and account name.

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How to configure APN For Yoomee Network

Before you proceed, make sure that you activate the roaming feature else it won’t work as expected. Below is how to do it

1. For Android Phones (4G only)

  1. Goto Settings
  2. More settings or Mobile Network depending on your phone
  3. network settings
  4. APN settings (If your phone is a 2 sim phone then configure for 4G enabled module)
  5. Create new profile by clicking on the 3 dots (:) at the top-right or left corner 
  6. Enter YOOMEE as account name or anything you like its just doe identification
  7. APN is yoomee
  8. click on the 3 dots (:) at the top-right or left corner and choose save.

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2. For Mifi Modems / Internet keys / wifi box / USB Modems (4G only)

For the first use case especially for those who just bought any of the above mentioned devices, you may notice a network warning signaling to you about a non recognized internet profile. To solve this problem, follow this guide below:

  • Type this in your internet browser:
  • Goto profile (You should find that out depending on your device type
  • Create a new profile
  • for account name: Yoomee
  • for APN: yoomee
  • For user name:
  • password:

Now save and thats it. Your network should be showing 4G or LTE now else contact yoomee customer care or go to the office for better assistance.


We have Covered the most interesting part of this tutorial and that is the end of the road. As you just noticed, that was truly and easy to do guide, so if you had it at the back of your mind that it was going to be weird then you should agree with me that it wasn’t the case here.

If you still have doubts then kindly use the comment box or chat with us live and we will respond as soon as possible. Until then have a nice day