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Have you been looking for a way to Display all services in English, dialogs, alerts, call notifications all in English? Today, we will reveal the secret to change the display language from French to English.

It hurts so bad when you are forced to read text messages from MTN, pop-up dialogs and alerts in a foreign language which not so many people are so familiar with.

Display all MTN Services in English through MTN Prepaid Platform

MTN Prepaid Platform is a service designed by MTN Cameroon to provide relative information about all prepaid MTN Numbers.

Uses of MTN Prepaid Platform

  1. You can check your telephone number
  2. You can Check your current airtime balance
  3. You can check for On-going promotions
  4. You can Change your display language of dialog

How to access MTN Prepaid Platform

To access the MTN Prepaid Platform, you will dial the MTN shortcode 7155 and wait for about 10 seconds. If you are calling for the first time, then you will be welcomed to the service.

How to change the default language of MTN Services

  1. On your dialpad call 7155
  2. Enter 4 to enter the language menu
  3. Enter 1 to switch to English
  4. End the Call.

By following the above procedure, you have successfully switched from French to English.

Test your new display language

You can give it a try by dialling any of the below codes:

  • *155#
  • *220#
  • *123#
  • *121#
  • *126#

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