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Welcome to our blog where all free tricks, hacks, news, codes, vpns, reviews and lots more are shared on daily basis. If you are here, then its for one and ultimate reason which of course its because you wish to learn the secrets of free yoomee on pc and many more. Don’t go anywhere but rather lets learn and

Heads up

This is a rewrite or should i say a rebranded version of this same post which was deleted due to some error from our side. Hope you all enjoy the free

A video Tutorial made just for you

What you get from free yoomee on pc

  • Its free and will always be
  • Its unlimited
  • No subscription needed
  • No need to dial any code
  • All 4G compatible devices are supported

What Free yoomee on pc won’t give you

  • unlimited speed at 100mbps
  • ultra bolt speed to watch Porn
  • 24/7 stability and efficiency
  • No access to cpanels that use port 2083
  • Only browser is tunneled

Requirements to enjoy this free on pc

You have the possibility of choosing either one or all for stability and whatever you decide to call it.

  • K-phon (Any version you have or mini version as we recommend)
  • Psiphon3 (v139 connects more faster than latest version)

How to configure and get a success

Well at this point you don’t even need to configure anything but rather just download k-phon or psiphon and click on connect and wait for a while and it will pick the connection and that is where you will enjoy free internet.

Free Yoomee on PC


If you have read up to this point then you should have completed your course on Free yoomee on pc. Haven ended the tutorial so well, we, encourage you to check out our Youtube channel and telegram channel for more fantastic updates and tricks.

Until then have fun and don’t forget to share this post to all you know so they too can enjoy and benefit. With that said its bye from here.