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Everyone from here and there enjoys this mega opportunity that we shared here on our blog which was about a month ago but what we didn’t take into consideration was the fact that you all need to discover step-by-step how and why you should Configure and generate Supremo Vpn Config before it goes unlimited and of course you need the right settings else you will be left with the shame of no internet.

On this quick qnd easy to follow tutorial, we will not disccused what has already been looked upon here and also here if you care to take a look then don’t fail to do so for we highly recommend.


First and foremost here is the little maggic about supremo vpn

Don’t be so amazed 😳 to discover that with supremo vpn, you don’t and can’t export or import the config file like other vpn do and we are looking at http injector, kpn tunnel and the similar apps.


Oh! yeah that’s it if you never had any idea but now you do and thats all thanks to our awesome blog tutorials. have you a little time to check out our Mega codes Library? then do for we have so much in stuck for you.

Supremo Vpn at this point shouldn’t be something so new to you for we have explained the means and ways to get this going and yes if you don’t want to get lost along the way then why not checkout How to get Super fast internet with supremo or better still why not checkout other altenatives like KPN Tunnel revolution

How to Configure and generate Supremo Vpn  Config 1

Getting started

Supremo Vpn here relies so much on two very important factors which are simply the header which we will be injecting through a free host and a spoof port which should be a super fast site to boost your connection.

lets do this with some examples which should be an easy task for you to follow. If get lost along the way then you can just scroll back up and read again for we have really taken so much time and effort to bring this tutoial to life with all necessary steps that should work for everyone.

You should read this

Some people are always complaing of the fact that supremo vpn crashes when they launch it and they don't know what to do. we have come tounderstand that the file they downloaded may have been corrupted and so it doesn't run correctly so they will need a working supremo vpn file to get going like we do.

The first thing you need need here is The supremo vpn that works 100%

After Downloading and installing the above vpn you just have to launch it like any other app you install on your phone.

Next just open the settings by clicking on the 3 dots at the top-right conner

How to Configure and generate Supremo Vpn  Config 2

Now click on Edit custom TCP/Http headers

How to Configure and generate Supremo Vpn  Config 3

Now enter and tick on front query, online host, forward host, keep-alive, user-agent. Don’t forget to click on generate, validate and save

How to Configure and generate Supremo Vpn  Config 4

You will now need to setup a spoof host:port that will help ping and keep the header injection active all day long without quiting. The spoof host can still be any domain as long as its valid or just enter localhost or for quick understanding

How to Configure and generate Supremo Vpn  Config 5

Finally you just need to save and go back to the main page or homepage of the app. Now click on the 3 dots again and there you choose vpn settings and tick the compress package and enter 99999 as MTu size and click on save.

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Important Update

We are assuming that you should have activated the whatsapp unlimited bundle which is very much required else don't waste your time reading this and trying to apply for the shocking news here is that it won't work and you will begin to complain.

What a blazing experience we had until now and and trust me if you are here then we can be so sure that you have acquired all the required knowledge which you will need to make it work.


Please do bare in mind that we make every tutorials on our website very easy and straight forward to to follow and apply which is our primary motive. Don’t give up if you don’t succeed in this tutorial for we make updates on our site on daily basis.

If you have some thoughts and wish to let it out then why don’t you leave it using the comment box and we will do all our best to reply as soon as possible. Until then catch you next time for another outstanding tutorial