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With the advent of Mobile Money in recent years, e-commerce is gradually picking up the pace in Africa and more so Cameroon. Today companies like Jumia,Go Students, Premierbet Cameroon, Betmomo Cameroon and many others use Mobile Money as payment methods for their online businesses.

If you are reading this chances are you are also looking to start using this new means of payment online either as a business person or a developer. In that case, hang tight because I will make everything super easy for you.

The first thing you need to know is that to start receiving payments on any sort of online platform, you need a mobile money api from the corresponding operator (MTN, Orange or Express Union Mobile Money APIs). If you are not a developer, you can think of it as access codes enabling your platform to chat with a mobile operator’s mobile money servers.

This access is of course only granted by specific entities to which you will have to apply.There are 2 ways to go about the application process with each having it’s advantages and disadvantages.

1. Apply directly to the operator for their Mobile Money APIs

This method entails you address your application directly to the mobile operator (in this case MTN, Orange or Express Union). Application requirements typically include information like : Taxpayer card and Business registration number among others and may vary slightly for different operators.

Pros :

  • The main advantage of going directly is the reduced fees and complete control in terms of transaction flow.
  • Also, working directly with an operator give you much more credibility and is definitely the way to go if you have the means and the time.

Cons :

  • Applying directly can take extremely long at times. So if you are in a haste and don’t have a means to make it go fast (… you know what I mean  ) , please go for the second means.
  • You have to individually apply to each operator.

2. Apply via a 3rd party Mobile Money API provider

A very common solution is to go with an all-in-one 3rd party Mobile Money API provider. These are companies that are have licenses to distribute licenses on behalf of the mobile operators. With this method, you apply to the provider and receive access to multiple APIs.Just in case you are wondering, here is a list of trusted 3rd party providers you can choose from…

List 3rd party Mobile Money API providers :
  1. FurtherMarket
  2. MonetBil
  3. WeCashUp
  4. Webshinobis
  5. E-nkap


  • Firstly, you apply once to have access to all the payment methods the provides has.
  • Secondly, this process is usually much faster compared to going directly

Cons :

  • Higher fees are the “big bad wolf” here.Some providers allow you to negotiate fees at times

My advice

As a developer & Techpreneur, there is much I can actually tell you when it comes to payments online in Cameroon. But I must say when looking to intergrate mobile money payments into any platform, go with a 3rd party provider for a start. And as you grow you can always take your time to apply for direct access. This is the best way to go about it !

Mobile Money APIs

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading and if you need an expert to help you with integration of this payment methods feel free to contact us either though live chat or through the comment box.  !

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