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MTN is no doubt one of the biggest mobile network in Africa. There are new people registering everyday on the mobile money platform. As it is with booming and genuine businesses comes along the bad guys who want to destroy everything and make money easily by faking themselves.

There are lots of people out there who shared how they had an encounter with fake people who present themselves as MTN officials just to lure innocent customers to reveal their mobile money pin so as to gain access to their money.

In this article, we are going to give you some guide on how you can deal with these so called fraudsters so that you don’t get caught up in their den.

Keep Your Pin Private

Your mobile money pin is meant to be private and must not be revealed to anyone even to your family members. These fraudsters sometimes end up calling you claiming they are from MTN office and what they ask for is your mobile money PIN number.

MTN in statements over the years have revealed that Mobile Money agents or MTN workers are not supposed to request for your pin to initiate any transaction.

If in any case, you shared your transaction with a family member or friend, then it is your duty to immediately change your pin.

Keeping your PIN to yourself will prevent or guide you from the hands of these so called fraudsters.

Choose A Strong PIN

There are hackers who can easily hack your phone and gain access to all your saved passwords. These hackers have become smarter over the years except that more people are getting foolish.

Your MTN mobile money PIN can also be hacked. It is no different.

It is a very bad idea to use your y of year of birth as your PIN. According to a research from a data analysis firm, people must avoid using their birthdate and 1234. Other sequences to avoid includes 2345, 6699 and 2244.

It is advisable to use PIN that will be tougher for people to guess but easy to remember. If you are using a weak PIN for MTN mobile money, you can change it by following these procedures:

Changing Your MTN Mobile Money PIN

1. Dial the MTN Mobile Money short code *170#

2.Choose Wallet

3.Choose change MM PIN

4.Enter your old MM PIN

5.Enter your New MM PIN and confirm

Verify If Calls And Messages Are From MTN

Most fraud activities emanate from phone calls or through text messages. Messages from MTN shows Mobile Money as the title while messages from fraudsters will show their phone number. Any messages from suspicious phone numbers are fake and you must not give attention to them.

Another method used by fraudsters is make phone calls claiming they are calling from MTN office. They usually tell you to send money to their account so that you can receive a specified amount of cash prizes.

If you believe this is genuine, the best thing to do is to dial MTN customer service number on 100. Remember that you never got yourself into any promo so why would you think you won a cash?

Don’t Hand Your Phone To Mobile Money Agents

Do not give your phone to mobile money agents to do a transaction on your behalf. Once you do that, you re exposing yourself to fraud.

Also when you make a deposit at any agent’s shop, make sure you receive confirmation before leaving the place. Check if you received the correct sum and also if the message is truly from MTN mobile money.

Also when withdrawing some money, make sure the name of the Mobile Money merchant is what is displayed on the text message before you leave.

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