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Greetings to you all reading this article for now and here we are going to reveal to you the ultimate reason Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution  which is far more better than Http Injector in the sense that it has more stability and speed as compared to the lather.

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Why we are writing on this

A lot of people over the past few months have been enjoying so much with http injector both for mobile, android and mac but what they failed to see is that there was something much more better and awesome than what they were using which is why we will be realising why we think you should Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revoulion.

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Below are the few things that you are required 100% to possess if you wish to enjoy this vpn as it should be for without them its very difficult to make it work and WTF its ultra easy to configure. Just read along

  • A good android phone that supports 3G/4G
  • An orange sim card that is active
  • A bundle through which you can use
  • A vpn Application which happens to be KPN Tunnel Revolution
  • A Config that you will import
  • Some reserved airtime that will be used to activate the said bundle above.

Lets create an SSH account

Before we begin its good that you should know that KPN tunnel works real well with ssl/tsl ssh service so the ssh creator that we will be using this time around is MyTunneling which Make your connection more secure and Unblock all sites with Premium VPN and SSH Account.

so the first step to take is by visiting the below link

Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution 1

After you have visited the above link just scroll down until you get to the bottom

Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution 2

choose ssl/tsl extra and continue to the next page

Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution 3

Choose any server but me i choose the second server

Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution 4

Enter your preferred username and password and make sure its short and straight to the point so that you can easily remember it

Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution 5
Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution 6

after completing the above steps you can now rejoice for we will now take you to phone configuration which is very easy.

First you will either download a pre-made config file or better still continue to read along and do enjoy as we continue this tutorial

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Lets activate a bundle to use with this trick

Before you use this config and it should work for you you should have activated one of the below bundles. All should work depending on your location

  • Myway bundle (#131*41#) works in yaounde, douala, bamenda and buea for the moment and is the cheapest
  • Whatsapp Bundle (#141*5#) Works everywhere but expensive 
  • Orangeworld/facebook bundle (#145*6#) Works only in yaounde and somewhere in douala and is somehow cheap

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Heads Up!

By continuing to read the below section do keep in mind that this section is meant for advanced users who have accurate knowledge on the specified app and the way it works. Any wrong configuration could restrict you from accessing the internet. If you accept this and you fully acknowledge you want to continue then click on the below button.
I Agree Please Continue

Once here you have acknowledged that you are advanced so lets continue

Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution 7

if you install the vpn here is what you will see so lets generate a payload

Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution 8

Now before you continue make sure you click on Convert base Payload

Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution 9

Our payload is generated so now lets do some configs

Why you should switch to KPN Tunnel Revolution 10

Now lets configure our ssh account for maximum speed

Follow above screenshot or just switch to the well crafted config made for you which is found somewhere above this line

If you did everything as instructed in this post then you should see something like this below


Without much time wasting on a very simple tutorial which if you follow you will be more stable, fast, unlimited, and become the ultimate destroyer in no less time like we have become. Don’t be the unlucky one just go through this tutorial from the beginning to the end and trust me you won’t go back home sad as you were before reading this post.