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Ho! everyone was so preoccupied with orange and camtel free internet that they didn’t or should i say they totally and had it at the back of their minds that even though Yoomee Free internet is here some still believe that no one could ever make this work and thats how we all nursed that silly idea behind our minds. Now if you must know and of course be rest assured that this trick which was created by @Hanslett and @proxyultrasurf our pro members wh sacrifised day-in and out to make this work. We hold all copyrights and special thanks to them.

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Yoomee Free internet is here so grab it

Don’t just sit there doing nothing meanwhile you could actually get yourself busy by getting all required materials like the tunneling apps that will be used in the course of this to make it a success and stay put and glue too the post for we will try to explain each step as easy as possible for you to understand and also enjoy as others are doing.

Yoomee free internet
Yoomee free internet

Requirements to enjoy Yoomee free internet


YooMee Mobile, the new operator MVNO that adapts to the expectations of Cameroonians!

Anxious to answer definitively to the communication needs of all Cameroonians, YooMee, in addition to the Internet service, has also launched into mobile telephony, with a range of varied offers, tailored to the needs of users with a priority: reasonable rates, transparent and flexible offers.

Here are the various apps needed to make this work smoothly

  • 👉 sim card YooMee (the one dedicated for internet)
  • 👉 TOR VPN and PSIPHON PRO V166 (cracked version)
    The apk will be sent at the end of the tutorial
  • 👉 a little patience

How to make the vpn to connect and go unlimited

Now open psiphon 166 pro by launching it either from menu of apps or by checking on your home screen for the shortcut

Now, click the Connect button and wait for Psiphon to connect and remember that you need patience as it is not a bed of roses lol

Enjoy free and fast internet with Yoomee and do remember that if at any point you wish to reconnect again just follow the above procedures and enjoy as much as you can.



Many have complained on our telegram group that it doesn’t work for them but we have tested this trick and sure we have so much valid proof to show that it works looking at the numerous testimonials that are surrounding this free internet. If you do have some ideas, suggestions as to how we can improve our blog then don’t hesitate to let us know either by using the comment box or through our social accounts. Thanks for reading and have a nice evening.

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