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Chat with your friends and groups for no data cost, forever! Read news, get live soccer scores, browse Wikipedia, check the weather, communicate with government services and so much more. All #datafree! Works even when you have zero airtime or data balance Too good to be true? Try it and see. No catch.

When you see the #datafree status it means this app or website is using NO DATA from your airtime or data bundle balance.

How do we do it?

We have arrangements with South African and Nigerian mobile network operators so our advertisers can pay for the mobile data that you use.

These networks are MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom in South Africa; MTN and Airtel in Nigeria.

Keep your mobile data turned on

To use #datafree apps you need to keep your mobile data turned on. As long as you are on MTN, Vodacom, Cell C or Telkom (in South Africa) and MTN or Airtel (in Nigeria) #datafree apps will not use any of your airtime or data balance. Please note that other apps may use some data.

No airtime? No problem!

Try using a #datafree app or website when you have no airtime or mobile data bundle. It will still work!



  • UNLIMITED TEXT: 100% #datafree*
  • GROUP CHAT #datafree.
  • DISCOVER a growing range of #datafree content and services, all in the one app.
  • END-TO-END SECURITY: automatic end-to-end encryption of all messages.
  • MESSAGE ATTACHMENTS: fully supported, but not #datafree **
  • CONTACTS: automatically find contacts who have Moya.
  • ALWAYS LOGGED IN: never miss a message.
  • OFFLINE MESSAGES: messages saved when your phone is off.

*No data charges for text messages when you use a SIM card from a supported mobile network.

**Attachments fully supported, such as photos, videos, voice notes, documents etc., however sending attachments is not #datafree. Before sending you will be warned you need mobile data or WiFi.

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Final Thoughts on #DataFree

It can make life really easy considering the fact that you won’t have to stress yourself activating any internet bundle and so it will be really great to se this last for long.

If you have some thoughts and suggestions, you can do that using the comment box below. Have a nice day