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Hello there awesome people of all regions, how are you all doing today? its with great content and innovation that we are writing about this article concerning the popular MTNCameroon‘s Mtn Yamo program which when was launched had great initiatives and possible realization in every aspect of the digital world. Lets take you into a deep review of How mtn Yamo Program became a SCAM

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How well do you know the service

That is a giant and very important question that you should be asking yourself daily as the program itself doesn’t respect all the outlined features like awarding loyal points to active subscribers who constantly spend more than 500FCFA and up to 5000FCFA per month.

As you can cleary see its not to be trusted again as before for some potential subscribers who had close to 500,000 Points were shocked to see 0 Points left in their account.

We are not out to make false accusations or fake reports but real and passive reports which comes with proofs which can go a long way to say a lot.

How mtn Yamo Program became a SCAM
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A brief story about the MTN Yamo


This service which can be accessed via USSD code *220# was launch back in 2017. It came in as a replacement of the old and abandoned MTN REWARDS program which in some cases has similarities like loyalty points and many others which will not be mentioned here.

During its launch it had far and greater promises which outsmart the previous program and really it was for that i can testify to its wonderful and just way of awarding points to loyal subscribers and of course it was free to register and once done, you had so many options to choose from which some still found some difficulties trying to come into real terms with the program.

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After some few months after its launch and looking at the manner of operation of the company the system according to our findings crashed and arandom points were awarded to some subscribers of up to 231792 points which in normal circumstances its not possible for someone to have such an huge amount of points.

How mtn Yamo Program became a SCAM
more points

All above are well justified and proofed to be true without any reasonable doubt.

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The outlined advantages of MTN Yamo

In the below analysis, we will be looking at the advantages of the services from a general point oif view

Instant Registration and Activation

Yes we all can be in one and agreeable terms that when it comes to registration and instant activation, we are releaved of the stress which could be out to waste out precious time and resource.

This service was far more better that MTN Rewards in the sense that you didn’t need any pin code to access your Yamo and as a result it was super easy and flexible to access it at anytime without any stress.

Flexible Daily and weekly bundles

Yes it is or was flexible because again it was bundled with free bundled activation which can be accessed by dialing *220*2# and from this point each sim has a special type of bundle attached to it so not everyone has or had the same bundle attached to their number.

Magic number for all

Yes that word should not be so strange to those who started using the mtn network long ago before so many things changed about them. In every aspect of the digital world we saw MTNCameroon change and upgrade from one stage to another with advantages and disadvantages attached to it. Magic Number (in mtn yamo terms) is a service which allows any of its subscriber who used more than 1000FCFA worth of airtime to make free calls to one MTN number for free durable in 30days and of course this service was not included in MTN Rewards program

The outlined drawbacks of MTN Yamo

In the below analysis, we will be looking at the disadvantages of the services from a general point oif view.

Hidden secret codes and Agenda

Yes i know that you must be asking so many questions now as concerns this highlighted title. When the service was still working in every normal circumstances, we could access the services via two unique codes which are *220# and *129#.

Something i am not able to explain but all i can say is that, their system had a glitch and one of the access codes got blocked in the process and this greatly affected the program since so many advanced functions like paying for a Bluetooth headset, T-shirt, concert tickets, phones, data and many more was attached to it.

Disappointing requirements to use Magic Number

I was shocked when i learnt that to use the service i had to first delete all my favorite numbers which for the past 5 years i have not been able to remove. Of course its not my fault but out of their technician’s fault.

If you were rewarded with one magic number to use within a month, you were first asked to delete any existing FAF number before you could use the number.

In case you are asking what FAF stands for well it is a short form for Friends and Family.

Full of lies and deceit to an extent

The service even though as great as it seemed was not as perfect as it was designed to be for when we take a critical look into the program without making any further justifications we will come to the conclusion that the service had some real-time lies that baffled me.

How mtn Yamo Program became a SCAM

What i am analysing here is the MTN Whatsapp Unlimited Bundle. We took a closer look at it and discovered a secret code to do some tweaks.

How mtn Yamo Program became a SCAM

But all this was then until they triggered another change in the service which up till now we’re trying to crack again 😅😅.

Low or no loyalty points awarded at all

The service from the official website clearly states that you are awarded loyalty points when you use more airtime and of course it has certain conditions of consuming airtime so as not to confuse the general public on baseless information.

How mtn Yamo Program became a SCAM

when we check out these requirements carefully, we will come to the conclusion that it was a real mess to even launch the program at all if they were not able to fulfill their promises.


As of now we have now come to the end of this review about MTN Yamo and hopefully we will be doing other reviews and more awesome tutorials to keep you updated and posted about what is happening around you.