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Noupia: Go Cashless

Noupia is an all-in-one payment application, it will not only allow you to manage and spend your money but also buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Manage your money Like never before, stay in control. Pay, Send, Receive, buy, withdraw, save, and more.

A Virtual Debit / Prepaid Card Issuer

Get a Virtual Debit Card. Fund your card Instantly through Mobile Money. Pay for your NETFLIX movies, Shop online, Pay your Facebook/Instagram Ads, Connect to your PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and much more.

Why Choose Noupia Over others?

Many virtual credit card issuers help most African countries to break these limitations of which the trusted issuers are PayQin and Noupia. Following some comparisons of these two issuers, we noticed that Noupia got some better features and advantages over PayQin. So, In this article, you will learn more about Noupia and what they have to offer. 

What is Noupia?

Noupia: It's Time to Go Cashless What is Noupia?
Noupia: It’s Time to Go Cashless

A New Way To Buy Online.

Fund your card Instantly, Anywhere. Pay for your NETFLIX movies, and Facebook/Instagram Ads, Shop online, and Connect to your PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Get Started.

How does noupia work?

NOUPIA operates as an electronic payment service that enables customers to make payment transactions online (the “NOUPIA Service”). On registration, Customers are allocated an online account (a “Customer Account”), which holds electronic money for use in online transactions.

NOUPIA helps you make payments on certain third parties’ sites, platforms, and applications. NOUPIA is an independent contractor and only acts as your agent concerning the custody of your electronic User Agreement for NOUPIA Services money in your Customer Account.

As you may have already guessed, NOUPIA is not a bank and nor is it providing banking services and/or related banking services and/or carrying out functions that are integral or closely related to the banking business, nor is NOUPIA allowed to grant any form of credit;

Advantages of Using Noupia

Advantages of Using Noupia
Advantages of Using Noupia

Using noupia over others comes with super advantages you won’t find anywhere.

Control Your Card

Freeze and Unfreeze your card in just a click. Merchants won’t get to charge you unexpectedly.

Bye Bye, Hidden Fees.

No Monthly card maintenance fees. No failed transactions debit charges. Absolutely zero hidden fees.

The Noupia prepaid card

Noupia is also and above all a Visa prepaid debit card. This entirely virtual bank card, valid for 4 years, will allow you to pay in all shops and online without difficulty as with a conventional card.

You can reload your card as you wish at any time. To top up your card, go to “Cards” then “Deposit” and enter the dollar amount you wish to add to your card. It’s that simple.

To use the card even easier, connect it to your PayPal account, then you will only need your PayPal email and password to make your payments. Also compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay, you can pay in all shops with your phone.

Make a living off your passion.

Who can apply for Noupia Tip?

  • check YouTuber
  • check TikToker
  • check Coach or Mentor
  • check Comedian
  • check Preacher
  • check Influencer
  • check Celebrity
  • check Blogger

Receive tips from your followers through Noupia

Are you a content creator? Artist, comedian, etc. Your followers can now support you by tipping you through Noupia and they don’t even need an account to be able to send you a tip to Noupia.

Register on Noupia in Africa

This application is mainly intended for an African audience, it is currently possible to register in 5 countries on the continent: Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, and Senegal. When registering, you will need to confirm your number along with the identifier for your country.

A bonus of 250 CFA is offered for each person you invite to use this payment service. You will receive this amount in two installments. Your godson will have to verify his identity so that you receive an initial deposit of 50 CFA, then you will receive the remaining 200 CFA once he has requested his first virtual card.

Get registered much faster

We are a proud partner of Noupia, thanks to this partnership, it’s now possible to get verified much faster using our referral coupon NINGMUA21. Join us and benefit from the super advantages that Noupia offers.

Download Noupia Mobile App

Manage your money Like never before, stay in control. Know-how, when, where you spend.


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