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Mobile Money transactions are gaining grounds in this 21st century and that is a good catch as compared to past years. One can clearly see that a big change has been realised in the Tech world and that is why we are going to look at Orange Money API vs MTN Mobile Money API

Mobile Money here, Mobile money there ! This is a word you probably hear every single day nowadays. And with such popularity , business are quickly looking for means to leverage these solutions to reach even  more clients. In this post today, I will be discussing the differences in the Orange Money API and the MTN Mobile Money API because as of now these two have different implementations.

This information will be especially useful if you are a developer or business owner and will help you make the necessary design considerations for your e-commerce website or app.

What is Mobile Money all about

Mobile payment generally refer to payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a mobile device. Instead of paying with cash, cheque, or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods.Wikipedia

How does mobile money transfer work?

In doing this Orange Money API vs MTN Mobile Money API post I’ll base my discussion around Integration, Payment location, Cost and Security of the API implementation process.

API Integration

The MTN Mobile Money API uses a  REST API which is the best solution when it come to Payment gateways and processors. What this means is you have an endpoint you can hit with various parameters like amount, number etc and once the transaction is validated , you get a success json object returned. This allows for a custom look and feel since all the impementatiion all takkes place in the background.

For Orange Money it is Web Payment api. In this case the cient dials a USSD code on their phone and receive a one time code which can be used to make the online payment. Orange Money Web Payment integration requires that each transaction is redirected to the Orange Money portal.

Payment location

As a developer I have worked on many Mobile payment project and Payment location is a very important consideration when integrating any payment method. The MTN Mobile Money API allows you to recieve payments directly on your site. Whereas, with Orange the client goes to the Orange Money Web Payment portal to complete the payment.


One of the most important things if not the most important thing as far as online payments are concerned is security. Your website or platfom has to be able to garantee the security of the information put in by your clients. A very good starting point is always an SSL certificate (or HTTPS). Even though the MTN Mobile Money API allows for more flexibility, the Orange Money Web Payment method is more secure.

This is simply because Orange has already heavily invested on their platform and by forcing transactions to go to their portal, they handle the security for you. This doesn not however mean that the MTN Mobile Money API is insecure. You simply have to take extra measures to secure communication between your server and MTN’s.

To conclude this Orange Money API vs MTN Mobile Money API post, I’ll say the good thing in all this however is the fact that both are Mobile Money payment methods. This implies that the account owner has to validate the transation from their phone. This adds an extra layer of security since no one has to input their pin codes directly online.

Final Words

I’ll end this here, but if you are working on a project and have any questions, feel free to contact me or leave comment below.

Thanks for reading !