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Hello folks! Its a nice period to update you all on what we think you should know which happens to be a broader topic than we expect. In times like this, we try to make our tutorials much more easy and straight to the point by stating out only the essentials. stay put and learn if its safe if you Should you use more than one vpn at a time

If you are interested in Free Yoomee on Pc and free yoomee on android then why not take a look and have fun else you may continue with this review and learn more if using more than one is a recommended choice.

The mega vantage in all this

Oh! there are tons and tons of advantages when using two or more than one vpn at a time either on mobile or pc or tablet it has same effect. Below, we will try to cover what makes more than one vpn awesome so enjoy as you read along.

1. The freewill to control and manage

That’s right. using an extra vpn gives you total control over your ID online and to a certain degree it helps protect you online from some low point of view.

Well for those that love using free internet, like The mega free camtel on pc that we shared some months back you will understand the need to use more than one vpn and a time.

All the same that still doesn’t guarantee the fact that you may never be traced using some hardkill methods especially those who do hacking on Linux

2. Increases your internet bandwidth

Haha who in the world would tell me right to my face that they enjoy slow and boring internet connection especially when you are on a project that needs to be submitted urgently. Everyone at some point in time has experienced this and trust me it sucks :/ :/

The good thing in all this is that Most of these Vpns offer free internet access and that is what makes it a good one.

3. Unlimited access to restricted zones

In some countries like Russia, China, Indonesia, internet access is very limited there as some sites have been blacklisted by their local ISP. Here the only option left is to use a vpn and even so not all vpn clients have strong encryption method and so the need for and extra vpn to make your ID totally anonymous online.

Unfortunately, not everyone has knowledge of all these benefits and that is why we will be looking at the disadvantages below.

The drawbacks that accompany them

Ok above we have touched the most critical parts that give an extra vpn a super good idea which before now you will be flattered to take a look. Now here is the thing; for anything that comes with an advantage has a disadvantage so why not take a deep breath and learn below what drawbacks accompany it.

1. Super ram and processor consumer

LOl yes this is the first drawback in all these. Take a look below at this observation below for a closer understanding

Should you use more than one vpn at a time

As seen above that can reduce the life span of your pc and if you agree with me if you are fun of doing that then better avoid it for your own good.

2. Slow response to commands and freezing

First this one goes especially to those using windows -8 or should i say windows 7 to be more precised. Let me tell you a little secret that you have never known.

Driver Corruption or Errors. Similar to overheating, hardware failure can cause a system freeze. Drivers are pieces of software that allow hardware devices to communicate with other hardware devices and the operating system. … If yourcomputer freezes up randomly, it is also useful to check your registry for any faults.Aug 8, 2015

Most people who have low ram will testify to this fact and that is where the problem lies. How can you expect a machine with insufficient RAM lets say 1GB to function smoothly like it should? 🙂 Lol stop dreaming and if you have a chance just increase your RAM.

Constant Usage with is a bad idea

Lets just imagine the case where you spend close to 3 days without having time to sleep or better still you haven’t slept for close to 3 days. Now what do you think will happen when nature decides to take over? You don’t want to know LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

That’s just how the computer is; for its just like a human being and if you understood what i mean’t above then you should be very keen as to know that you should take good care of your pc as if it were yourself.


Still confused on whose side you should rely on? Well that is a decision only you can make and will be experienced by only you. Don’t go anywhere for we got so much more in stuck for you.

If you are a lover of tutorials, tricks and lots more then have a look and we promise you that you won’t regret not even for a second. Until then have a great time and do enjoy your stay on our blog because its your place to be.