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If you want to know what’s going on in the marketing milieu then Bfas237blog always has the answer to that. We are going to look at both the achievements of MTN Cameroon and possibly the Drawbacks. Stay put and read along and discover what are The good and bad of MTN services

If we are looking at how the company has grown over the passed years with its increasing revenue and services, you will come to understand that the way that they do their things are very skeptical in every way of life.

A brief introduction about MTN Cameroon

MTN CAMEROON is the Cameroonian telecommunications subsidiary of the South African multinational MTN. She was born on February 15, 2000, of the acquisition by the South African group MTN of the license of Camtel Mobile.

Disclaimer: This review is based on user experience and content based realization which will be highlighted below as brief and detailed as possible. All information can be verified

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The positive aspects of MTNCameroon

They offer  great services

If you look at the way they evolved up till now and are still doing it with their awesome services like mtn mobile money, mtn y’ello night, and many others which we won’t be mentioning for now, it has become such a success that they have now become a grand job offering company with other 50000 youths now employed and making a way out for themselves.

MTN Wanda MTN Cameroon
MTN Wanda MTN Cameroon

Multiple job opportunities

As mentioned above the company through its awesome initiatives have it as an objective to make cameroon a great and emerging nation 2035 by creating jobs for Cameroonians who have not gotten their dream jobs. They offer some job offers like selling of sim cards, mobile money registration, sim identification, and many others which we won’t be mentioning.

Wider network coverage

In the recent years the company has proven to its competitors that it can withstand the pressure of huge band tragic games by going right into the most hidden interiors of the country and installing their connections there. If we want to check at the statistics of MTN in 2014 and now, we will come to compromise that they have really advanced both internally and externally for the betterment of their services and offers to the general public.

Branded competitions and awards

They have always made it a standstill to the extend where they’re challenging their competitors by creating competitions in various domains like mobile app dev, web dev, engineering, graphic design, arts and craft, just to name a few.

Looking at these opportunities that they offer and are still up to do more, we can really say that their coming to Cameroon was a great initiative not only to us but also to the future youths.

Mobile Banking made easy

Gone are the days when we use to line in front of banks to make payments, do money withdrawals, send money and lots more. If you’ve never gone to a bank and had to stand in line waiting for your own turn to be served just because you had to collect 5000 FCFA then you haven’t experience the stress we encountered in some of the popular banks found in our localities.

Just to mention that in as much as those long waiting lines brought displeased circumstances we can gladly say that it is a great relief benefiting from their Mobile Money service.

. Just to mention that in as much as those long waiting lines brought displeased circumstances we can gladly say that it is a great relief benefiting from their Mobile Money service.

MTN Mobile money
MTN Mobile money

The negative aspects of MTN Cameroon

Lack of seriousness in urgent matters

These has been going on for so many years now and so many of our blog readers have testified through feedback and personal encounters that their mode of operation is very low and somewhat annoying.

If we want to look deeply into that issue, we will come to realize that there are time you don’t get your problem solved and as a result you are forced to try other operators for better service and management.

Low network coverage and connectivity

This one is more than i can testify because it is now a normal phenomenon to receive text messages from MTN apologizing for their network failure and the funniest part is that they always blame Camtel for that.

Lol i see no need trying to play smart when its plain and clear that they network is bad and they should admit it

Huge Scamming and provocative offers

I am a blunted evidence to this allegation which is very aching and so annoying in every aspect of digital world. I am of the opinion that they should be jailed for doing such a criminal action upon their faithful customers 😂😂😂.

In so many ways they always get what they want by presenting attractive offers and services which some do fall for it and as a result their credit is being deducted without their concern or knowledge.

Persistent and provocative advertisements

Each time we receive an sms or call on our cell phones we are always on the lookout that it should be someone trying to reach out to us either requesting for our help or services or rather still trying to get in touch with us.

One of the worst moments are when you receive some ads from short numbers like 8760, 8706, 8757, Mtn Internet, Mtn MOMO, etc. How annoying that can be.

Constant deduction of  airtime without explanation

Really lets be serious on this note; i am not happy while writing this review for i have received countless request on how to solve this problem.

We have always created all the possible tricks and methods to get them out of this mess. Some crazy services responsible for this act of criminality are 8706, 8760, and many others which if listed will take much of our time and resources.


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