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Have you been using Orange Cameroon and their services? Have you been enjoying the free bundles, free internet with popular VPN‘s like psiphon, amaze, your-freedom, lattern, SSR, bivfrost, shadowsocks, slowdns, etc for that was just to name the awesome ways to enjoy the orange network which up till today we are still doing it at full liberty and speed.

In most of the times that we’ve been using Orange’s network to browse for free, we have been able to do and accomplish so many things both internally and externally. Anybody who has every enjoyed any trick through orange in any form that it presents itself must come to the real and actual terms that its so so exciting to browse the web for free without having the trouble of recharging your sim at any time.

Today, we are going to take another step to review another giant network based in Cameroon which happens to be Orange Cameroon this time around. While in our previous reviews, we touched and with full analysis, looked at The good and bad of MTN Services so if you’ve not yet read it then why not head over to the review and have a look.

A brief history about Orange Cameroon

Orange Cameroun is a Cameroonian telecommunications operator. After the liberalization of telephony in 1998, the Cameroonian Mobile Company, obtaining a license in June 1999, is one of the first two operators in the country. The beginning of activities took place in February 2000 under the name of Mobilis. In June 2002, it became Orange Cameroun, a subsidiary of the French telecommunications operator that acquired the brand.2.

Below is detailed and well analysed review on Orange CM.

The positive aspects Of Orange Cameroon

They are more open minded than others

If you must think anything bad about Orange then you must be so high on some wasteful thoughts that mean nothing at all. Orange CM stands as the only network operator with an outstanding feature which allows thousand of Cameroonian youths to benefit from. They are not as stingy as their competitors and also they value their customers more than anything else.

All time free internet open ports

Hahaha let me smile here a little because up till now orange doesn’t have any valid competitor with a percentage (%) of 2.5 when it comes to free internet of all categories. Over the past years, they have kept to their grandios promise by making it possible for us to enjoy fast, unlimited and unmettered connection. Its really been a great sucess from their own part and i must confess its so good.

Mobile banking made easy

Yes once again to this awesome feature by Orange Cameroon who used this means to solve the huge problem of always standing in queues wile trying to collect some cash, pays bills, send money, etc. This is a great initiative which has gone a long way to the extent of awarding constant orange money users with cars, gifts, cash, and many others.

3G / 4G connection  speed

There has been some stiff and broad topics and discussions as to if orange really has a compatible 4G connection which up till now no real result has been archived so far since its fluctuating regularly. While some are for the fct that 4G really exist with Orange CM, others still argue the fact that its fake.  Below is a speed test run from NPerf Spped test

Nperf speed test
Nperf speed test

Thousands of jobs offered to youths

Many youths in Cameroon have benefited from this which has gone a long way promoting activeness and seriousness in them. Nowadays in Cameroon, so many youths who have completed school are still roaming about jobless with little or no job to do which is why Orange came in to the picture to save them the stress. The have done more than enough.

Wide network coverage up to remote areas

Many remote areas are covered today thank to the brilliant initiative by Orange cameroon who have them secured in all aspects. Their antennas can be seen from all angles of the country to show that they are all over. This initiative has brought in millions of francs FCFA into their coffers.

Their negative aspects

Oh! reading this section now means you just discovered how awesome and brilliant they can be. But could you also imagine that they too have their drawbacks, then read on and don’t forget to leave your say below using the comment box.

The company is way to expensive to do business with

Don’t be fooled by how genuine or good they appear to be for when it comes to doing business with them then start thinking of how to sell all the plots you know and of course own for their cost of service is beyond bounds. Some of their exaggerations include buying of sims, opening of orange money agent account, better data bundles, sos data and credit, etc. These act of banditry has led to loss of huge customers or other competitors.

Language segregation and racism

Orange appears to be a French company for that we know but considering the fact that Cameroon is bilingual in nature and that should be enough reason for them to do likewise. Most of their banners, ads, messages, are all in french and even when you try requesting for the english version all you can see is oops! content not found.

Unresponsive tariffs and hidden plans

This is one of the annoying part that i hate about orange cameroon and you too may just have to agree with me. You may not know it but as an analyst and expert in this domain i can tell you that orange is not 100% open and true true customers which is not a good step to take.

Not all service is free through customer service

If you should ever fall into serious trouble like forgot your puk code then you are in for it since you will be asked to pay 150FRCFA to regain access to your sim which was supposed to be free all through. They have and still using it to rift us our benefits. Well we will be here to expose any of their secrets.


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