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How you can Get instant 1Gb Data with MyMTN App a is what we will be looking at in this article. Free Unlimited Internet has become a diamond stone these days and to browse and feel have a peace of mind is a call to concern. As you read along, Discover how you can use this trick to stay online as long as possible.

[note]However, the Free Data Promo works on selected SIM cards. This means that not every MTN SIM card can get this freebie. So, let us tell you about the app and how you can get the bonus (if your SIM is eligible)[/note]

Before we proceed with this tutorial, here are the few things that you should keep in mind:

  • You will freely receive the 1GB if you have never signed up before (First time use)
  • You WILL NOT receive the 1GB if you’ve used the app before (your number is already registered on their database)

That said, if your number has already been registered for the service and you still need the 1GB to continue your online activities, then you are reading the right tutorial at the right time.

MyMtn App
MyMtnApp banner

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Getting started 😉

To begin with, you must be in possession of some essential items that will enable you to continuously enjoy the 1gb data offered by MyMTN. Check below for the requirements.

[tip msg=”Did You Know”]You don’t need any Internet connection to use MYMTN App since it doesn’t require any internet bundle to work as intended[/note]

What is the MyMTN app?

The MyMTN APP is a self-care app that allows you to monitor your phone account, control how you use your data and also make payments for products and services with ease. It also gives you access to MTN services in any part of the world. Besides, the app works on both IOS and Android-powered devices.

Get instant 1Gb Data with myMTN App 1

Some of the benefits of the MyMTN app includes:

  • Buying MTN data plans of your choice.
  • Knowing how much you spend on calls and surfing the net.
  • Helps you know your PUK number.
  • Manages your data usage.
  • Allows you to purchase airtime for your family and friends.

MTN wishes to make this app popular with its customers hence it offers a bonus of 500MB if you download the app (for the first time).

Now that you know about the app and its features let’s show you how to receive the 500MB after downloading the app.

Requirements to Get 1gb Data with MyMTN

  • An active MTN Sim card (preferably a new sim card)
  • MYMTN App
  • A smart phone (android) or iphone
  • Well configured APN Settings
  • Patience

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How to get the Free 1gb Data with the MyMTN App

[warn]ome sim cards are entitled to 500MB only while some receive 700MB. We have no clue as to why this happens but it does happens.[/warn]

You can download the MyMTN app to your mobile device from either the Apple App or Google Play stores. You can get the app for free on both platforms.

  • Install the apps after download.
  • Choose your location i.e., country and type in your MTN number and send.
  • You will receive an OTP code in a few seconds.
  • Enter the code into the form to get your 1GB bonus.

The data bonus lasts for three days however some users have complained of receiving messages about the expiration of the gift within 24 hours. Thus, its advisable to use up the 1GB as soon as possible.

How Can I Know If My SIM is Eligible for the 1GB Data Promo

As earlier mentioned, not all SIMs can receive the free 1GB data package. However, if you have previously installed the MyMTN app, then your SIM cannot get the bonus.

Eligible customers will receive a message saying “Dear customer, you free 1GB Data Activation was Successful. Expires in 3 days Time.”

Alternatively, non-eligible users will have a “Y’ello, your subscription to Myapp has failed. Please retry AGAIN LATER” message sent to them.

Now that you know how to download the MyMTN app and get the 1GB free data package, why don’t you give it a try? Your SIM might qualify and be among the selected few.


In this country, we all need data to do so many things with. No wonder, they say “data is life”. But we all know too how expensive data is in this country. So whenever we see an opportunity to get a free or cheap data, we don’t joke with it.

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