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Mtn Yamo with its full-time combo comeback is full of hidden features and advantages that you must be aware of especially the fact that you can Enjoy 1000% Bonus on Mtn Yamo and of course its totally and 100% if you care to know that its free which means that you won’t have to pay anything to use it.

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Most at times we see some great opportunities but fail to experience them maybe because we don’t have time or better still due to the fact that we don’t have the accurate knowledge but that is no longer a problem because Bfas237 Blog is here and will continue to open your eyes till you see all what you’ve been missing all these while.

Enjoy 1000% Bonus on Mtn Yamo
Enjoy 1000% Bonus on Mtn Yamo

Every saturday, Mtn yamo offers huge and mega bonues which you can’t deny. the advantage is that it extends till sunday and thats a good point for you can still enjoy it till sunday evening lets say 11:59pm. What are you waiting for? lets get going.

Getting Started

If you read our previous tutorial on on how Mtn Yamo has a great bonus when you buy  all your bundles then you should be on alert cuz this is just the beginning of the journey for us all. If you have not yet read the tutorial then you should do cuz its a great news that everyone must read and not loose focus.

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If you are a kin reader of our blog then you should be are that we always take you line by line to help you if you need one. This article however doesn’t have any requirements as long as you are already subscribed to the service and then you will just do as indicated below.

How to Enjoy 1000% Bonus on Mtn Yamo

  • First and as usual just dial *220#
  • choose 4 and validate with ok
  • Choose 1 and validate with ok
  • Validate with 1 and thats all

We hope that you followed our ultimate guide from the beginning till this point and if you did then you are just one step ahead of time.


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