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Hello there! we hope that as you read this new article on our blog, Nexttel Cameroon has been the only surviving and capable 3G network for the past 4 years now and trust me they have done a lot in terms of development and you can name the rest. This time around we will be talking about Free websites available on nexttel network and you should read this till the end for you won’t believe what your eyes will be reading today.

Getting Acquainted 

Ever since Nexttel Cameroon came to Cameroon, there has been really stiff and unbeatable competitions and promotions from every corners and nooks of the country as the various ISP’s in Cameroon fear of drastic customer reduction and eventual lost if they don’t take rapid action that should guarantee the smooth functioning of their services and why not create outstanding offers.

Free websites available on nexttel network 1

Many are those who have use orange and its mega bonuses and have forgotten so soon that there exist some ISP that goes by the name nexttel. There was a time that nexttel too offered greater bundles similar to what orange is doing right now and those who use it can testify to the fact that it help them so much.

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List of free websites available on nexttel network

Below are well crafted and tested sites that can be accessed on nexttel network with or without data bundle and that should tell you that its 100% free to use and of course with moderation.

1. FunClip – Stream, browse through all clips for free

Funclip is a service by nexttel that grants all its subscribers the opportunity to stream, search, bookmark all of their favorite music clips, shows and so on. You can even do more by yourself if only you go deeper.

The downside about this is that its not completely free for at a certain stage you are asked to subscribe especially when you attempt to download a clip from that site.

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2. MobiTv – All Your tv shows, series, movies and animes

Are you a lover of popular tv shows, series, animes, movies, then MobiTv should interest you to the highest glimpse. We all can be fun of one or two movies but when we now have the opportunity to stream at full hd without paying for any data used then this should be a great chance that should be seized without thinking twice. As the saying goes

As the saying goes nothing good comes easy so just bare in mind that as its free you can’t download anything from this site as well for if you wish to do so then you will have to pay to download the that should be some great amount.

3. ImUsiC – All Latest hits, songs, musics around the world

Are you a lover of music, all genres, all R&Bs, then you should checkout Imusic which doesn just what its intended for like allowing you to stream and listen to your favourite artists and songs right on your phone.

The site is under maintenance so bare the cross and wait for it to be back

All above mentioned sites were tested and were working so if one fails then just know that they are under huge maintenance.

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