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What is OrangeWorld/Facebook all about?

The Orangeworld mobile Portal is an entertainment window on mobile phone which gives access to several services, rich and diverse contents, to help personalize and overhaul your mobile phone.

With the Orangeworld mobile Portal, you can download:

  • Several Ringtones, soundtracks and exclusive hits from renowned Cameroonian, African and international artists.
  • Funny videos and most recent music clips
  • Racing, combat and action arcade games in huge numbers
  • Wallpapers, themes, Screen savers, applications and greetings cards to personalize your phone to your taste.

How to access it

  • To access  Orangeworld open your browser and  type or
  • If your mobile is WAP configured, simply click on the Wap Orangeworld icon on your phone menu.
  • If your mobile phone is not Wap configured, contact our customer service by dialing 950, our advisers will guide you on how to configure your mobile phone.


Browsing using the Orangeworld portal is free once you must have subscribed to the Orangeworld/Facebook plans.

  • Weekly plan: 300 FCFA /week
  • Monthly plan: 1 000 FCFA /month

How to make good  use of it

Before you proceed you should read how to set up your phone for correct access with orange network. If you haven’t then you should follow this link below.

How to Configure your devices

Look at this

In the proxy and Port fields you should replace them with the below coordinates: proxy: port: 80

Now we will be using some proxy sites which through them you can channel your connection and use it just the way you want.

List of proxy sites to use


If you configured your phone the way we have said then you should be redirected to one of the proxy sites when you try to browse. From here you can then enjoy it the way you may feel as long as you are proxied when broswing.


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