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While others are sleeping and snoring, great minds and uptimal brains are working to see to it that you should have a way to get back online after the shocking and disappointing news that held all who enjoyed the orange maxi bonus. Well in this tutorial, we will be focusing and explaining The ultimate guide for MTN Free Internet so as you read along keep your mind and spirit focused and enjoy the rest of the post.

How to achieve this MTN Free Internet

If it may interest you, the great minds responisble for the upkeep and tracking of this awesome trick are still the same guys who worked out the Yoomee free internet some few days ago that is @hanslett And @Proxyultrasurf so all credits goes to them.


The ultimate guide for MTN Free Internet

To achieve this, there are some few requirements that must be fulfilled and of course they are all mandatory that means you must have all what will be listed here to avoid no success to this trick at all.

Requirements to enjoy this 
MTN Free Internet

This ultimate guide for MTN Free Internet is not just some crappy trick that you may have come accross and also its unlimite’d until some infinity time that we still don’t know yet but will update the post as soon as possible

  1. MTN 4G SIM


STEP 1: Download http injector and mymtn app and install both apps

STEP2: After installation of both apps Open MyMtn App And Choose Country Cameroon And Proceed to register with number And Log In

STEP3: Now if we all know mtn has a refferal program with mymtn app that when you share the link of that app you will get 100mb free.
And the duration of this 100mb is to about 2036, 12:00pm. Now for you to connect free and unlimited you have to refer someone with that special link to qualify for the 100mb package.

STEP4: 👆If You Have Done The Above Step Now Open Http Injector And Connect With This Config I will Post (Its An Open Config) Now When You Connect And Finish All Mb It Will be Unlimited

Remember this Is Still In Beta Stage But It Has Good results

@hanslett And @Proxyultrasurf Are Working To Make It stable
Stay tuned

Download Beta Ehi Config below


As you may have noticed, this is still in beta mode meaning not all features are available and may work globally as expected so we encourage you to stay glue to your phones and keep a clean watch on our blog for future updates on this trick. Until then its a goodbye from here and have a wonderful night sleep.

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