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Have you been scammed, ripped-off, betrayed and even kicked from behind by mtn and their banditism manner of doing things, then just be sure and clear that you are not just alone. We too had same experience and we even laid a complain but as we all that was just like throwing water on a ducks back for it meant absolutely nothing to them but after some modification all thanks to our Review on the previous program which was failure but this time around we will be talking on Why you should buy all your bundles through MTN Yamo.

Getting started

This time around things just got better and easier to earn points when you just need to follow our easy and promising steps which of course must yield some good results. Oh! they have amended things and even changed the ways through which you can now earn more points with more so you have nothing to fear about 🙂 :).

Moi C Moi
Moi C Nous
Nous C YaMo


Here you won’t need much more than your current and active mtn simcard for even though mtn doesn’t look at how long long you’ve used the sim but bare in mind that if you hardly use the sime and you buy any bundle be it sms, data or calls then your reward points will be low and thats when you will start to complain.

Here are some important and key factors to keep in mind concerning this new program.

  • The sim to be used must be an active sim that consumes airtime, can receive calls, make calls and do credit operations
  • The sim should be able to access mtn products and services like MTN wanda, mtn easybooster, etc
  • the sim should have been used for at least 3months and above to avoid matters that touch the heart.

With all the above requirements being set in place then we can proceed else you may have to come back some other time.


All information shared from the beginning of this tutorial up to this point is and doesn't have anything to do with MTNCameroon for there are all user based feedbacks and commentaries and also this website is in no way affiliated to MTNCameroon

Steps and advantages when you Register for the new MTN Yamo program

Well actually, this new and well furnished program doesn’t have any registration menu or whatsoever for its more of flexibility and easy to use program and guess what it auto translates to the language you bestknow and know how to use.

  • Unlike the previous version which required you to register for an account before you could use the program, this one is just the opposite.
  • Unlike the previous program which forced you to use french by default, well here is no longer the case for it translates itself automatically to the language your simcard is set to. If you wish to set your simcard language then you just need to call 7155 and press 4 and 1 and thats all.
  • Also new and flexible bundles have been added at affordable rates which you can’t refuse. well one drawback about all these is that for the past 5 months mtn has been experiencing a very drastic and poor network coverage and i don’t know if they are aware of this fact but its killing us all and thats why all the cheap data bundles they offer is of no use to us.
  • Similarly, you can also check your points just like the old mtn rewards and the previous version which hasn’t changed so far.
  • each bundle you buy is = to the number of points awarded to you. Ah! yes this is where we didn’t mention from the beginning and if you must know if you happen to be a monthly sms consumer then this is a great news for you. just read along.

Thanks to the new MTN Yamo program, sms bundle for 30days now cost 400frs instead of 500frs as the normal price and also MOMO has a low rate on % cut in every single transaction you you make.


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We don’t just know how to thank you all for visiting our blog and that’s why we will never stop posting so as to keep you guys posted daily, weekly and even monthly.