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How to Apply for a Noupia Virtual Credit Card

Fund your card Instantly, Anywhere. Pay for your NETFLIX movies, and Facebook/Instagram Ads, Shop online, and Connect to your PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay accounts.
How to Apply for a Noupia Virtual Credit Card
How to Apply for a Noupia Virtual Credit Card

Noupia Virtual credit Card is for you if you are searching for an easy means to fund your card Instantly, anywhere, anytime, pay for your NETFLIX movies, and Facebook/Instagram Ads, Shop online, and Connect to your PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay accounts.

You will agree with me that applying for a credit card designed by a specific bank is not an easy process. You need huge amounts of funds to open up a bank account and to be issued a credit card.

Some people prefer virtual credit cards over credit cards issued by various banks because it permits them to do online transactions with little or no hassle and at times there are no card charges not forgetting the fact that most credit cards can’t be used internationally because they are set to operate within a specific location. 

For this to be effective, are going to use a service called Noupia. They issue valid and working credit cards that can be used internationally without borders. You can also top-up your account using multiple payment options like MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money, Bitcoin, and Credit Card Deposits. Noupia has been compared to other virtual credit card issuers and stands today as the best we can recommend to you.

Noupia Virtual credit Card
Noupia Virtual credit Card

Before we go further, let’s look at credit cards and what they represent.

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What is the difference between a virtual credit card and a debit card?

Physical credit or debit cards are plastic cards issued to employees to use for company spending. This traditional purchasing card features the cardholder’s name, card number, and a magnetic strip. On the other hand, virtual cards are used for digital purchasing, allowing users to access them from their mobile phones.

What is Noupia?

Noupia is a Mobile Payment provider that helps many citizens worldwide acquire or get credit cards for online transactions. They also help people to easily transfer funds within countries internationally with a very low rate of charges. Noupia is just an air of revolution that will help us to obtain credit cards at a very cheap price that will work just fine on any merchant site and worldwide.

Why Choose Noupia Over others?

Many virtual credit card issuers help most African countries to break these limitations of which the trusted issuers are PayQin and Noupia. Following some comparisons of these two issuers, we noticed that Noupia got some better features and advantages over PayQin. So, In this article, you will learn more about Noupia and what they have to offer. 

What is a Noupia virtual credit card?

A Noupia virtual credit card is exactly like a physical debit card, just in digital form. You can use it for online purchases or add it to Apple Pay or Google Pay for secure, contactless in-store purchases.

Can I use a Noupia virtual credit card in ATM?

A virtual credit card can be used through the mobile application of the respective bank. Although the card cannot be swiped or tapped, it can be used to pay for online purchases. Virtual credit cards cannot be used to withdraw money from ATMs or in-person stores.

Are Noupia virtual credit cards safe?

Virtual credit cards essentially give you a leg up over fraudsters, especially if you’re using a single-use number. Not only will it mask your actual account number—but it’ll also be invalid after one transaction, rendering it useless to hackers.

In an accurate comparison of these two issuers, we noticed that Noupia got an upper hand with tons of amazing features and advantages over PayQin. So, In this article, you will learn how to apply for working virtual credit cards with Noupia

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How to apply for a Noupia Virtual Credit Card

The procedure of applying for a virtual credit card nowadays is very straightforward and easy as there are many virtual card providers online. In this documented article, I will be sharing with you the secrets behind it and how affordable it can be for everybody.

To set up noupia and start using their services and credit card, you will need the following requirements to get already set up and then you will be ready to go.

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Register on Noupia in Africa


  • Noupia Mobile Application. Download Noupia for Android Here
  • Working Mobile number
  • Legal documents ( National Identity Card or Passport or Driver License)
  • 5000FCFA in your MoMo if you are in Cameroon. 


  • Download Noupia from PlayStore or AppleStore depending on your OS
  • Now launch the application and you will see the screen below
Noupia signup
  • Now click on “create one here” and you will be taken to a page similar to that below. You will need to enter your mobile number to continue.
Noupia credit card
  • Once you’ve signed up with your number you will be taken to the step indicated in the screenshot below. All you will need to do is to enter your legal name, and your valid email address and create a login pin. Note that you will be asked for this pin on every new login attempt so you should put something that you can easily recall but not too simple too.
Getting virtual credit card
  • Once you’ve completed the above step, you will be taken to the step below. You will need to upload and verify your legal documents as explained above. The steps will be given in the application. Also, you will need to verify your phone number and email address which are simple to do. Verifications are instant and no delay. Legal document verifications may take some minutes due to processing but will be done shortly.
Getting virtual credit cards
  • After you’ve done all the verifications above, you will be taken to your dashboard which looks like the image below. There you can see a deposit, withdraw, send, and pay. Click on deposit to deposit the 5000FCFA from your MoMo account for getting your card with a balance of $5USD.
Getting a virtual credit card
  • Click on Deposit and you will see a screen similar to that below. Choose your deposit method. If you are in Cameroon, you can choose Mobile Money. 
  • Next, enter your mobile money number and enter the amount to be deposited which is 5000FCFA. Note that in this 5000FCFA, 2000FCFA will be used for issuing the credit card and 3000FCFA will be credited to your credit card as a balance.
Getting a working virtual credit card
  • Noupia will guide you just well in the necessary steps for obtaining your credit card with your $5USD in it. You can see the required amount for getting a working virtual credit card with a balance ($5USD) for shopping online and more.
Getting a virtual credit card

Now that you’ve gotten your working virtual credit card at hand, you can now do your online shopping, Subscribe to Netflix, link your credit card to PayPal for transactions, use Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. It will work just fine. 

Noupia can be used both on Android and on your web browser.

Download Noupia Mobile App

Manage your money Like never before, stay in control. Know-how, when, where you spend.

Manage your money Like never before, stay in control. Know-how, when, where you spend.

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